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Member Evaluation (ME) Forms

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Anyone looking to receive Leaders Board trip and event scholarships for the school year has a simple process to follow! The Member Evaluation (ME) Form is now expanded to allow 4-H’ers to select all potential trips they are interested in for the entire year. It’s 1 form to be submitted by September 30 to assist the Leaders Board in making selections for delegates and travel scholarship recipients. It also helps us know who is planning to go to what. You are not required to attend any event you select on this form, however, this will help us to understand how many plan to apply.

In sum, even if you are still thinking or aren’t sure about going on a 4-H travel experience this year, get your ME Form by the deadline Please contact the Extension La Crosse County office at 608-785-9593 or with any questions.

ME Form Instructions
ME Form Application (Fillable PDF)