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As an affiliated group of La Crosse County 4-H, there are so many opportunities, projects, and activities to get involved with. We know that organizing such groups isn’t always easy with jobs, families, and other things going on in our lives. So, this page lists resources for YOU to help make your 4-H experience the best one possible! If you have any questions about 4-H, don’t hesitate to contact the UW-Extension office at 608-785-9593 or at

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Club Officer Workshop

When: Monday, November 29th, 2021 at 6:30p.m.
Where: La Crosse County Admin Building, 212 6th St. N Room 2208, La Crosse, WI 54601
Cost: Free
Who: Youth club officers (all positions)

Interested in knowing how to be a president, secretary, treasurer or another position for your club? Come learn the details of parliamentary procedure and have one on one breakout sessions for your specific club position. Pizza and soda will be provided! Please RSVP to the Extension La Crosse County office by Monday, June 10th at 608-785-9593 or by emailing This workshop is highly encouraged for all newly elected and returning youth officers!

Activity & Event Planning

Do you have a great idea for your club or 4-H community? This Activity or Event Planning form will help your plan be successful! Submit this form to the UW-Extension office for approval or to your club officers so it can be voted on by club or group members. By completing this form, you are completing proper documentation should an audit ever occur. A copy of this form should be kept with your club or group’s secretary business or with the UW-Extension office.

Resource Borrowing

Did you know that the La Crosse County UW-Extension office has a ton of great kits, materials, and literature you can check out for FREE to use for a short period of time? Well, we do! Whether your planning an activity for your next club meeting or wanting to learn extra about one of your projects, look no further. To check out any of our office’s resources, simply fill out an Equipment Checkout form and send it to the UW-Extension office for approval. Click on the link below to see a full list of everything you can check-out from our office!

Resource Check-Out List


Any 4-H group, club, or committee that wants to be associated with the 4-H organization and use the 4-H logo are required to submit proper documentation called a “charter”. These charters are required to start any new group and must be renewed annually to keep a group in good standing. There are several different types of documents required to complete a charter. For more details or to learn how to start your own 4-H club or group, visit the 4-H Group Charter webpage!

Charter Completion Checklist – Use this checklist to help you prep all the information you’ll need to submit your Charter!

Club Officers

Every 4-H club is encouraged to inspire youth by providing ample leadership opportunities. One way to provide these opportunities is installing club officer positions each fall. Possible club officer positions are listed below, but terms will differ as laid out in an individual club’s Bylaws (submitted annually with club Charter-see above). Not all clubs and groups may have these positions-contact your club leader for information specific to your club, group, or committee.

Parliamentary Procedure

Having a hard time figuring out how to run or plan your club’s meetings? Check out the resources below for a planner template and a script for members to use!

Conducting a 4-H Meeting

4-H Club Meeting Outline

$$ – Finances – $$

As a 4-H group, club, or committee, it is required that meticulous financial records be kept at all times. Below are some resources to help keep your group’s financials organized! If there is ever a question about money, please contact the UW-Extension office before any decisions are made.

Leaders Board Funding Request form

4-H Money Basics

Club Treasurer’s Report

Audit Fact Sheet

Audit Checklist

Tips on Completing the Annual Financial Report

Sample 4-H Club Check Register

Sample 4-H Financial report

Annual Financial Report Tally Chart Template

Wisconsin 4-H Club Financial Handbook

Fundraising Fact Sheet

Group IRS Exemption Letter

Expenditures Over $1000: When a 4-H Club/Group is considering a major expenditure (over $1,000), purchasing capital equipment (an asset with a useful life of more than one year), or accepting a capital equipment gift, the 4‐H Club/Group must secure approval from a 4‐H Youth Development staff member prior to the purchase/acceptance of the item.


All group, club, and committee requirements and rules are outlined in the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Policies. In addition, there are specific rules to using the 4-H name, logo, and emblem in your group business. These rules are outlined in the 4-H Name and Emblem Policy Guide. It is recommended that group leaders review these documents often, as well as the Social Media Guidelines.

To distinguish roles and duties provide by the UW-Extension office and those that should be provided by your group, please review the Educational Roles document.

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