Compassion Resilience

Compassion Resilience explores ways to maintain a compassionate presence in our interactions within our community including our colleagues, partners, neighbors, families, children, and those we count on to support us. Throughout this program we will explore creating a culture of compassion while maintaining our own well-being. In other words, we will focus on growing our compassion resilience.

This interactive and participatory program will grow your skills in working with others, empathy, resilience, and compassion for yourself and others.

Sessions Available:

 Culture of Compassion Resilience
Compassion in Action
Compassion Fatigue
 Locus of Control
 Expectations from Self and Others
Compassionate Boundary Setting
Influencing Compassionate Culture
Wellness and Resilience Strategies

If you would like to schedule a Compassion Resilience Training session, or if you have questions please contact Heather Quackenboss at 608-785-9593 or