Member Resources

Hello, 4-H Youth Members!

As a member of La Crosse County 4-H, there are so many opportunities, projects, and activities to get involved with. We know if can be overwhelming sometimes with school, friends, jobs, sports, and other things going on in your lives. So, this page lists resources for YOU to help make your 4-H experience the best one possible! If you have any questions about 4-H, don’t hesitate to contact the UW-Extension office at 608-785-9593 or at

$$ – Funding Request – $$

Do you have an idea for your 4-H community? Do you need some financial help attending a 4-H event or program? The 4-H Leaders Association may be able to help you! There are limited funds set aside each year to help our La Crosse County youth participate in 4-H. Our leaders want to hear your ideas and needs! To request funding, please fill out the Financial Request form. Then, you may turn it in to the UW-Extension office or present your request to the Leaders Board at their monthly meeting open forum. (Visit the Adult Leadership page or the 4-H Calendar to see upcoming meeting dates/times).

Activity & Event Planning

Do you have a great idea for your club or 4-H community? This Activity or Event Planning form will help your plan be successful! Submit this form to the UW-Extension office for approval or to your club officers so it can be voted on by club or group members. By completing this form, you are completing proper documentation should an audit ever occur. A copy of this form should be kept with your club or group’s secretary business or with the UW-Extension office.

Resource Borrowing

Did you know that the La Crosse County UW-Extension office has a ton of great kits, materials, and literature you can check out for FREE to use for a short period of time? Well, we do! Whether your planning an activity for your next club meeting or wanting to learn extra about one of your projects, look no further. To check out any of our office’s resources, simply fill out an Equipment Checkout form and send it to the UW-Extension office for approval. For items we have available, check with our office please!

Record Books

All 4-H members are encouraged to complete a record book at the end of the 4-H enrollment year. These books serve as a kind of scrapbook or record of all you have accomplished in your projects over the year. Because Record Books are judged for awards, there are specific forms that must be included in your book. For all the details, visit the Record Books page!

$$ – Scholarships – $$

For you older 4-H members, its never to early to start thinking about how 4-H can help you further your education, and we have scholarships to help fund your dreams! Visit the Youth Leadership page for a full list of available scholarships and all the details.

4-H Mall

If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket, consider stocking up on some 4-H swag! The 4-H Mall has all things 4-H and more-check it out at is a website sponsored by the National 4-H Council that has the latest national news, events, and campaigns going on in 4-H. If you want to be more plugged in to what’s going on in 4-H outside your own backyard, this is the resource for you! Psst…..There’s even a whole section dedicated to 4-H alumni!