Give Back to 4-H!

Did you or your child have a life-changing experience from our local 4-H program? Or maybe some amazing transformations happened from state programming? Consider giving back to our program so we can continue bringing these impactful experiences to more youth and volunteers! Here are a few ways you can help:

Donate Time or Service: Volunteer!

We always need volunteers on our Association Board and helpers at the Food Stand. Whatever your interest or time commitments, we have something for you!

Or consider Sharing Your Story. This helps us inform stakeholders of our importance and recruit more youth and volunteers!
Consider donating to our La Crosse County 4-H Fund at the La Crosse Community Foundation to keep donations local.

This fund is utilized by our county programming when needed for youth trip scholarship support, club resource support, and county-wide event support.
You can also assist us by donating to the WI 4-H Foundation, or registering for a 4-H license plate through the state DMV!

An annual $25 from each license plate fee in our county gets sent to our county program. It’s also great marketing. There are 2 current 4-H license plate subscribers in La Crosse County – join the club!