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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Month and Mental Health America showcases that mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and wellbeing as well as that mental illnesses are common and treatable. This year’s theme is #4Mind4Body, to raise awareness about the connection between physical and mental health and explore methods to improve our whole health such as humor, social connections, spirituality, exercise, and gratitude.


The Parenting Place Child Care Survey

In partnership with Together 7 Rivers Alliance, the Parenting Place, La Crosse County and the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce the UW Madison Division of Extension has put together The Parenting Place Child Care Report (pdf, 776 KB, 15 pages). In this survey respondents reported on their access to child care, the type of […]

Tomato Seeds

Lawn and Garden Month – In a Minute

In this episode of In A Minute, Heather Quackenboss (Human Development and Relationships Educator) and Kaitlyn Lance (Agriculture Educator) demonstrate how to transplant and care for your tomato plants!


10 Tips to Teach Kids Money Saving Habits

Heather Quackenboss, Human Development and Relationships Educator Saving money is a habit that we need to build and practice.  Starting our children and grandchildren with some good habits now will greatly help them in the future. Wants vs. Needs While needs are the basic food, shelter, clothing and wants are the extras, this conversation can […]


Stress Awareness Month

For years, we have talked about how stress makes us sick, and indeed, stress can certainly affect our health.  And, if something makes us sick, we avoid it. In times of acute stress, our stress reaction can save our life.  Stress hormones increase our heart rate and blood pressure; our neural processing switches to self-preservation and we are ready to fight or flight.  So, our reaction time is better, our focus is on how to stay safe.  If we are driving and someone runs a stop sign that we are about to go through, we automatically break and/or swerve.  If we are hiking and run across a rattle snake, we halt and figure out how to get around it.