Dairy Situation and Outlook

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Updated: 09.20.18

Professor Bob Cropp has updated the Dairy Situation and Outlook paper for the month of September. Below you will find an insert from the current outlook. To read the complete report please click the pdf link found below.

“With favorable domestic sales, slower growth in milk production and higher dairy exports September milk prices will be higher than August. Higher cheese and dry whey prices will push the September Class III price to around $16.00 compared to $14.95 in August and a low of $13.40 back in February. While the price of butter will average lower this will be more than offset by high nonfat dry milk prices pushing the September Class IV price to around $14.70 compared to $14.63 in August and a low of 12.87 back in February. “ – Dairy Situation and Outlook September 19, 2018 by Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison

To view the full report click: Dairy Situation and Outlook – 09-19-2018 (PDF, 2 pgs, 121KB)

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