Community Development


The Extension Institute of Community Development provides educational programming to assist leaders, communities, and organizations realize their fullest potential. We work with communities to build the vitality that enhances their quality of life and enriches the lives of their residents. We educate in leadership development, organizational development, food systems, community economic development, local government education and much more. In short, the Community Development Institute plants and cultivates the seeds for thriving communities and organizations.

Community Development Programs

Center for Cooperatives
Seeking to increase understanding and encourage critical thinking about cooperatives by fostering scholarship and mutual learning among academics, the cooperative community,
policy makers and the public

Community Food Systems

Working with community organizations, tribal partners and local governments to promote community food systems development

Community Economic Development
Collaborating with and providing resources for community leaders to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for Wisconsin residents

Local Government Education
Coordinating and providing training and educational workshops for newly elected
local government officials and those who
continue to serve their communities

Organizational Leadership
Helping people who want to provide
leadership to bring about change in their organizations and communities

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