Leaders Board Minutes

We want all our members to be informed what a Leaders Board meeting looks like – and what we’re working on right now! Please take a minute to review the minutes from the latest board meeting. And remember that as a 4-H member, you are always invited to attend these meetings!

Minutes listed below will be marked submitted until they are approved.

February 9, 2023 Meeting Submitted

January 12, 2023 Meeting Approved

November 10, 2022 Meeting Approved

October 20, 2022 Meeting Approved

September 8, 2022 Meeting Approved

August 11, 2022 Meeting Approved

June 9, 2022 Meeting Approved

May 12, 2022 Meeting Approved          2022-2023 Budget Approved

April 7, 2022 Meeting Approved

March 10, 2022 Meeting Approved

February 10, 2022 Meeting Approved