Youth Tractor and Machinery Safety Certification Course Offered

June 18, 2020

Contact: Bill Halfman, UW Extension Agriculture Agent

Phone: 608-269-8722

Youth Tractor and Machinery Safety Certification Course Offered

When working on a farm, safety is always important. There are additional concerns as youth start to work on farms for either their parents/guardians or an employer. The Youth Tractor and Machinery Safety Certification program will be offered in July for eligible youth from Monroe and La Crosse counties. This safety program will satisfy the requirements of the Federal Hazardous Occupation Order for Youth under 16 and Wisconsin Law Act 455.  The federal law applies to youth who are at least 14 years old but less than 16 and who intend to work on farms not owned or operated by their parents/guardians.  The state law applies to youth under age 16 operating tractors on public roads for either their immediate family or for an employer. Youth under the age of 16 who intend to operate tractors on Wisconsin public roads must have this state certification.  Youth must be at least 12 years old at time of enrollment for the program.

Due to COVID-19 programming requirements, the course will be offered in a modified format for 2020. The classroom portion of the course will be completed via an independent study format with a combination of textbook, workbook and instructional videos on Youtube.  Parents or legal guardians will be required to document the time the youth spend on the course.  Youth are encouraged to practice drive at home with adult supervision. To receive certification, youth will need to pass a written exam and demonstrate driving skills, including backing up, with a tractor and an attached two wheeled implement.  Both the written and driving exams will be scheduled by appointment the week of July 27th.

Enrollment and payment deadline is July 9th to have course material mailed to participants.  Participants enroll by contacting the Monroe County Extension Office 269-8722 to get registration paperwork e-mailed or mailed to them.  Registration and payment is to be taken care of via US postal service, because we are implementing practices to minimize office traffic due to COVID-19.  A registration fee of $40.00 per person will be charged to cover the cost of course materials.