Tomato Seeds

Lawn and Garden Month – In a Minute

In this episode of In A Minute, Heather Quackenboss (Human Development and Relationships Educator) and Kaitlyn Lance (Agriculture Educator) demonstrate how to transplant and care for your tomato plants!


Tractor & Machinery Safety Certification 2019

The Tractor and Machinery Certification/Training program has been available for many years to 14 and 15 year old youth wishing to operate tractors and farm machinery for non-related parties (for hire). In addition, Wisconsin Law (Act 455) requires any child under the age of 16 (minimum 12 years of age) who operates a farm tractor or self-propelled implements of husbandry on the highway (public road), when working for immediate family, to be certified as having successfully completed a tractor and machinery operation safety training course. There are no family or relative exemptions. This law (Act 455) took effect July 1, 1997. The legislature considered and accepted lower age limit i.e. 12 years of age. This amendment passed and was signed on April 27, 1998.

Waterhemp Picture

2019 Wisconsin Regional Waterhemp Workshops

Has waterhemp become a problematic weed species in your farms or your clients’ operations? Would you like to learn more about the biology and how to manage this troublesome weed species in alfalfa, corn and/or soybeans? If so, please join one of the four “2019 Wisconsin Regional Waterhemp Workshops” to be held by UW-Madison Extension […]