Clover College

What is it?

Clover College is a day of fun learning for our younger 4-H members! Adult volunteers and leaders teach different 1.5 hour “class” sessions on various topics. This day is a chance for our youth to discover different 4-H project areas through hands-on learning and activities while interacting with county 4-H leaders and making friends from different clubs and schools along the way!

Come join us for the day and learn something new! 4-H and community (non 4-H members) can attend different class sessions to explore various project areas and complete hands-on, educational activities taught by volunteer leaders and teachers.

Clover College 2020

Clover College was fantastic this year! For help with registering for the appropriate projects and fair exhibits – please refer to this sheet. 

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Click here to see some memories from Clover College 2019!