Space Camp

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April 20th - 24th, 2023

Trip Dates: APRIL 20-24, 2023
Location: Huntsville, AL
Cost: $900 (scholarship will off-set 75% of this cost from the Leader’s Association, up to 5 people) This also includes
travel with the WI 4-H Program.
Who: Youth in grades 6-8
Registration Opens: November 15-Dec 15th in 4HOnline – this is a popular program. If you want to go, re-enroll
now in 4HOnline so you aren’t set back any time in registering.

Wisconsin 4-H Space Camp is an educational experience where youth from across the state take a bus down to Huntsville, Alabama, for a 4 day journey. Youth get the opportunity to venture away from home to meet new friends, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and learn all about space. They are led by a team of trained Adult Advisors and Space Camp counselors. Counselors are former Space Camp participants who are outstanding leaders. Counselors lead a variety of activities on the buses and stops along the way that help keep youth engaged and help them meet new people. As a 4-H program, our goals for youth who go through Space Camp are:

• To have the opportunity to learn in an exciting environment away from school.
• To develop social skills by meeting new people and working as a team.
• To have the opportunity to learn life skills in a situation that is unfamiliar to them.
• To have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by participating in the Space Camp Counselor program.

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