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September 1st, 2021

The state 4-H program has updated the Charter and Financial reporting process for 2020-2021 year. Since our fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30th, it would be a good time NOW to pull all your account information and fill out the Financial Report. All 4-H Clubs and Groups that have a checking and/or savings account must annually complete and submit the following documents to the 4-H Program Educator by September 1:

  • Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Annual Financial Report
  • Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Audit Checklist
  • A copy of the checkbook and/or savings registry covering July 1 – June 30
  • A copy of the bank statement ending June 30 or July 1 for each account. Any differences between the bank statement(s) and the ending balance reported must be reconciled and the reconciliation must be uploaded with the Annual Financial Report.
  • A current inventory of land, buildings, property or project equipment with individual values of $1,000 or greater.
  • Monthly Treasurer’s Reports for 4-H Clubs or Groups with annual income greater or equal to $20,000.
  • This process allows the 4-H Club or Group to qualify for federal tax exempt status under the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents General Exemption Number (GEN) for Wisconsin 4-H Clubs and Groups.

Failure to submit a completed Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Annual Financial Report and support documents by the due date could result in loss of tax exempt status and forfeiture of all financial assets.

You can find all of these documents and additional resources, here:
For any information from last year’s Charter/Financial Report, please contact Emily at or 608-785-9593.