Pesticide Applicator Testing 2023

To become certified or recertified in Wisconsin:

  1. Required: You must purchase the base training fee with manual (book). This is $40.00.
  2. Required: You must take and pass the certification test (General Farming, Fruit Crops or Greenhouse & Nursery).
  3. Training: Three training options are available. Self-study (schedule test, 70% pass grade), Online computer-based training (schedule test, 50% pass grade) or In-person training (same day test, 50% pass grade).

There are three certification training options to choose from:

OPTION 1: Self-Study

Purchase the training fee with manual for $40.00 either from your participating County Extension Office or the UW PAT Store.
PAT Store:

Study on your own.
70% pass grade

OPTION 2: Computer-based

Purchase the training fee with manual (9th Edition) for $40.00 at UW PAT Store.

PAT Store:

Online Training – Register online. Please block approximately 4 hours to take the training. Online training can be taken at any time.

Zoom Webinar – Register online. Select date of webinar. You will receive an email with a link and password. Zoom invites will be sent a couple of days before the webinar. Zoom membership is not required to attend a Zoom webinar. Reliable internet connection is required. Once training is complete, you will receive a Completion Receipt. This receipt must be presented to the test proctor to be coded as attended a training.

To register for Online or Zoom Training:

Dates: Jan 13, Feb 3, March 3 and April 7
Test not provided after training. Must schedule your test with a participating County Extension Office
50% pass grade

OPTION 3: In-Person

Purchase the training fee with manual for $40.00 either from your participating County Extension Office or the UW PAT Store.
PAT Store:

Find In-Person trainings:

1.Fairfield Inn, Weston January 12
2.Fond du Lac Ext Office January 18
3.SureStay Plus, Blk River Falls January 19
4.Arlington Ag Research Station Jan. 25
5.Waushara County Courthouse, Wautoma Jan 27
6.Jefferson County Extension, Feb. 1
7.Dodge County Extension, Juneau Feb. 2
8.Holiday Inn & Suites, Rice Lake Feb. 9
9.Brown County STEM Center Feb 15
10.Farm WI Discovery Center, Manitowoc Feb 16
11.Dodger Bowl, Dodgeville Feb. 22
12.Taylor County Extension, Medford Feb 23
13. Kenosha County Extension, Bristol Mar. 2
14.La Sure’s, Oshkosh Mar. 8
15.Portage County Extension, Stevens Point Mar. 9
16. UWW Community Center, Whitewater Mar 16
17. Metropolis, Eau Claire Mar. 23
18. UW Richland Center March 29
19. Best Western, Tomah Mar 30

Testing will occur immediately following the training.
50% pass grade

PAT Manuals:
A manual must be purchased ahead of all trainings and/or testing for $30.00/manual. You can order manuals online at the PAT Store with a credit card, or use a mail form available at and send it with a check. In-person purchasing is available from the La Crosse County Extension Office for $30/manual. Manuals may be mailed from the La Crosse County Extension office with an additional $5.00 postage fee.

All testing will be proctored in-person, no online testing available.

To schedule an in-person test for self-study or computer-based training:

  • You must call ahead to the La Crosse County Extension Office 608.785.9593
  • There is a 2-hour time limit per current Extension policy
  • Testing may be done individually or in small groups, depending on county policy

Testing for the In-person trainings will immediately follow the training.

Bring to the Exam:

  • Photo ID. The exam proctor will not issue an exam without positive ID (such as a driver’s license).
  • Social Security number. Federal and State law require this number from anyone who is seeking a state certification or license.
  • Your training manual. Complete the Training Registration form that immediately follows the front cover of the manual and turn it in to the exam proctor. The WDATCP cannot grade your exam, nor grant you certification, until the form is collected.
  • You may use a calculator for the exam. However, cell phone calculators, programmable calculators, or those with alphabet keypads are NOT permitted.

Who needs to get certified?

You must be certified if you apply, mix and load, or direct the use of:

You also must be certified if you:

  • Conduct pesticide-safety training for agricultural workers or pesticide handlers as required under the Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

Please don’t hesitate to contact the La Crosse County Extension Office (608.785.9593), the University of Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT) Program (608.262.7588) or DATCP if you have any questions.