Slow No Wake Zones

What They Are:

Slow no wake zones are areas of restricted speed where boaters are asked to minimize idling enough to allow steer ability while maintaining as minimum a wake as possible.

They are requested by citizens to reduce potential boating accidents, damage to existing docks or piers, and to increase public safety.

Annually, slow no wake zones are reviewed at the November Harbor Commission meeting. La Crosse County and City residents requesting a slow no wake zone should contact the City or County Staff a minimum of two weeks prior to the November Harbor Commission meeting.

A Slow-No-Wake area is designated along developed shoreline areas during the time the official river stage at La Crosse, Wisconsin is 10 feet or higher. “Developed shoreline areas” shall be defined as being land adjacent to navigable water which is used or occupied by private or public owners.

Regular meetings are the third Monday:
Jan; Mar; May; July; Sep; Nov |  4:30 p.m.
County Administrative Center
212 North 6th Street, La Crosse

Harbor Commissioners

Members of the Joint Board of Harbor Commissioners are:

Marc Schultz, Chair

Brenda Rundahl

Patrick Scheller

Steve Earp

Adam Binsfield, Vice Chair

Thomas Thompson

Chief Deputy Mike Horstman

Curt Wall

Scott Neumeister

With a rotating staff of:

Karl Green  |   608-785-9593

La Crosse County UW-Extension

Lewis Kulhman  |  608-789-7361

Associate Planner, City of La Crosse