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conservation subdivision design

Conservation Subdivision Design: Considerations on Common Perceptions (G3307-01)

Author: Z. Aslıgül Göçmen

Conservation subdivision design (CSD) is a site-planning approach that clusters residences in smaller lots to reserve a significant portion of a subdivision for common open space. CSD can provide numerous benefits, such as wildlife habitat protection, improved stormwater runoff management, expanded recreational and open space, and reduced need for infrastructure maintenance. This publication clarifies the principles of designing, developing, and permitting conservation subdivisions by addressing common perceptions surrounding residential development (6 pages; 2016).

Tobacco Streak Virus in Cranberry (A4110)

Authors: L. D. Wells-Hansen, P. S. McManus

Tobacco streak virus (TSV) is one of four viruses detected in cranberry to date. Irregularly shaped, indented lesions will appear on berries during the first year of infection, significantly decreasing average berry weight and fruit set. Though infected plants produce scarred, TSV-positive berries during the first year of inoculation, they produce unscarred (yet still TSV-positive) berries in following years. Learn about the symptoms of and recommendations for TSV-positive plants (4 pages; 2016).


Solidarity in Community—Supportive Learning Environments for African American Students (N4113)

Authors: Jeffrey L. Lewis, Angel Gullón-Rivera, Amy Hilgendorf, Eunhee Kim

Classroom experiences can affect how students connect with their school and how they establish a sense of belonging. This report offers classroom practices that foster social cohesion and solidarity among African American children that mirror practices at home and in their communities (24 pages; 2016).